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Calling all wisdom people, life coaches, relationships/careers experts, trained listeners and licensed therapist to help offer free emotional support to people during the COVID19 crisis


Who can be a helper?

No matter whether you're a good listener, somebody who has faced and overcome adversity, or even a trained expert. If you are interested in helping people face their emotional turmoil and making improvement with their life, this is for you!


You are a generalist, patient, and able to be supportive in any situation.

Life Coach

You are a life a coach and you would like to extend your craft to the crowd.

Trained Expert

You have a trained background in helping people emotionally


You are a professional therapist

Anyone else who is:

You are an entrepreneur, professional, immigrant, LGBTQ member and you believe you can offer your time and expertise on certain topics

Why should you help?

We are all together in this COVID-19 crisis. It is amongst the biggest challenges some of us have had to face.

You will increase your potential sales later if people love your service

You will gain exposure to your service or your personal brand

How does it work?

This is a 30-minute support session. Build your profile in a minute, receive the request and start to connect!


Submit the Form

Fill out the form to let us know the areas where you can help. Upload any proof of professional certification (if any).


Get matched

You will be matched with somebody that best suits your domain of expertise, and availabilities.


Let’s talk

Use your super power to be there for them!


Rate your experience

Tell us about your experience, so that we can better improve our service.

Join as a Helper and Make a Difference