1 on 1 Anonymous Emotional Support

Everyone deserves a rant buddy!

A 30-minutes session for you to open up, to talk about challenges or concerns you might have in daily life.

What is PongPong? Why should you use it ?

This is a special campaign hosted by PongPong, gathering the wisdom people, life coaches, relationships/career experts, trained listeners and licensed therapists for limited 30-minutes free emotional support during COVID-19 crisis.

Let's talk


Entrepreneurs under great pressure but having a hard time being understood


Professionals afraid of feeling vulnerable


Immigrants and expats having trouble integrating into the local communities


Community members who would like to talk to somebody who can relate

People with private or personal issues

Anybody with personal issues they don’t feel comfortable openly talking about

How does it work?

This is a P2P service provided by PongPong which allows you to engage in conversations with supportive and non-judgemental listeners or even people who have gone through similar experiences to yours, all while being in a safe environment. PongPong can also help you connect with trained experts in the hope of providing you with an additional perspective, or even some advice


Submit the Form

Fill out the 1-minute form to specify your needs so that we can help you better achieve your objective



We will then help match you with one of our listeners based on your needs and availabilities


Let’s talk

Breathe, relax and have an open conversation with one of our helpers who are to support you in a safe space


Rate the experience

Let us know if you’re satisfied with your experience, so that we can better improve our service!

What to expect from this?

Talk to someone supportive and non-judgemental

Talk to someone who's been in your shoes and who can inspire you

Talk to a trained expert who can help support you, and offer advice

Give yourself the opportunity to face your insecurities head-on and grow as a person

The world is not black or white, get yourself another perspective

Why are we doing this?

Everybody faces challenges in their daily journey, and no matter how small the challenge, we understand the major impact it can have on you and that is why we want to make sure you never have to go through it alone.

Prior to COVID-19, we were all buried in our own respective tasks, work and daily routine. However, now many are finding themselves forced to pause and step back to examine every small little detail that we have been taking for granted. Perhaps it’s the unhealthy relationships that you are stuck in, or the difficult family conversations you never knew how to face, the frustration from your work, having confusing gender identity that nobody can relate to, etc.

We believe it is important that you don’t confuse vulnerability for weakness. Being vulnerable and allowing emotional exposure is the first step towards that feeling at peace and content with oneself. Our service is designed to help elevate you to reaching your place of happiness. Now, give yourself a chance, join this movement, and dare to be happy.

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